4th Jul | Story

Three of a kind

Last year, Michael Fulmer, right, was part of the most incredible night in Oklahoma high school baseball history. This year, he wants to be part of the beginning of what might be the most incredible era for former Sooner State star pitchers.

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28th Jun | Story

An Emerald City trio moves East

Two years ago, the Tampa Bay Rays grabbed three Seattle high schoolers in the first three rounds of the draft. Drew Vettleson, left, Ryan Brett, center, and Josh Sale have been together ever since.

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10th Jul | Story

Everything you need to know about Ty Cobb

We sat down with the great swinger. No seriously, he’s on the Lexington Legends front office roster.

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10th Apr | Story

Butts in seats

The Fort Myers Miracle staff can control what happens off the field, and they do their best to create an atmosphere of fun — all inspired by a man gone the last 30 years.

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24th Jun | Story

Notes from Kannapolis

Rain kept the Intimidators in the dugout as long as on the field, which allowed time to discover that CMC-NorthEast Stadium celebrates the life of a NASCAR legend, employs a 10-year-old businessman and hosts Sunday dinners.

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07 Jul | Videos

Jonny Gomes

Before he played in the majors, Jonny Gomes hit 63 homers in the minors, suffered a heart attack and, on a lighter note, became a certified personal trainer.

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21 Jul | Photos

Dayton Dragons

The Dragons faltered on their way to a 9-1 loss to the Kane County Cougars, but fans were still entertained between innings ... by the ZOOperstars.

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