Whenever we talk with people about A Minor League Season, the first question they ask normally has something to do with how much we must like baseball. The second has something to do with how we pay for everything. Minor league baseball is more affordable than its major league big brother, and we do have a budget for the road and a lot of friends along the way. But we could never finish this without hundreds of generous people who have donated their time, their home or their money. If you would like to keep us on the road -- to the next city, the next team, the next story -- please click the link below or visit our shop to purchase commemorative T-shirts and stadium prints.

Contribute to the Project

Contributor Level 1

Lock 29 Running Club Karl and Brenda CorbettTom and Bonnie Lawell
Jerry Green and Alissa PollesRichard and Patricia CromiMichael and Cheryl LaWell
Dana Beezley-KwasnickaBrad Stanek and Debra Johnson Rob Manchester
Matt BixenstineKeith and Julie DixonBen and Jennifer Montgomery
Kevin and Holley CaseyBen JonesEric and Laurel Pfahler
Leo and Linda CaseyCharles KinninDuane and Sandy Stanek
Tom and Angela CaseyTony and Joann LabriolaPete and Katie Wolf
Joe and Kelly CaseyDonald and Francie Labriola

Contributor Level 2

Roger BettisGene D'SandisJerod Morris
Cheryl BlytheJulie GoldbergAustin and Maria Schiele
Craig and Kathy BushwayAl and Judy HargeyNeil Sheehan
Mike and Frieda CaseyBrian and Jen HornMark Shugar
Jim and Ellen CaseyJason IvesterNora Woods
Kevin CurranAaron and Katie KohmanTommy Zampella
Laurie DuffyTim and Kelly McGrath

Contributor Level 3

Morgan Hubbard and Ala KreczkoJanette DonoghueAlex Orlando
Ben Schneider and Matt CantelonAbby FernandezJim O'Brien
Robert AstolfiChristin FernandezCheryl Sadler
Brian BoeschJohn and Cathy GarrettBrad and Tiffany Seward
Ed BriercheckJeff GluckStephanie Shaffer
Nick and Lisa BrockmanJack GodshallMichelle Simakis
Brenda BrownC. Cameron GreeneJamie and Chrissy Stewart
Julie BushwayJoel HammondKyle Tait
Nick CammarotaMike and Bethany HixenbaughMatt and Lindsey Thompson
Ross ChandlerCindi and Dirk HowardDonna Thorley
Gabriel CiampiKarin JacksonFrank and Bev Tinell
Ty CobbRick and Joy JonesAnthony Tynan
Brennen CocklinBruce LancasterDavid Westermann
Cameron Bat CompanyElissa LivingstonKevin and CC Zerbey
Dan and Erin CorbettWill Newkirk
Mike and Clare CottrillJon and Cyndi Newman

Contributor Level 4

Nations' Capital Chapter - Oh Tammy FrankNations' Capital Chapter OU Alumni Assoc.
Stan AlostWayne and Margaret FrindellPat O'Conner
Jay AlvesAndrew GribbleBret Picciolo
Packy Moran and Anna JensenTina GustNick Piotrowicz
Brooke BatesCharles HigginsAdam Pohl
Tom and Karen BradyThomas HodsonShaun Rachau
Erica BrooksJennifer HoyerRich Rice
Blake BurrussJohn IshooShaun and Becca Schottmiller
Rob ButcherMike Zysman and Jacqueline BradyConnor Shreve
Ryan CavinderAndrew VanBuren and Johanna BondLaura Smith
Ryan and Holly CondonJim KahlerKarie Spaetzel
Mallory CongerPatrick KinasScott and Christi Stoltzner
Paul CooverCharles KreutzerBart Swain
Matt DeMargelTom and Sara LakeMarc and Rachel Taylor
Elaine DeSalvaLarry LittleAnita Tsuchiya
Chris and Amy DeVilleLaura McFarlandGrant Tunkel
Brian Lescallett and Emily JurskiHans MeyerMike Vassallo
Dave FendrickJim MoorheadAlex Wassel
Kristy FickJosh and Kristen MottCasey Wilcox
Marty and Erin FosterLawrence and Kathryn NuneryRoger and Martha Zimmerman